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Cig Store #15 - Camarillo


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Green No.1 (Honeydew Melonchew): Juicy honeydew slices paired with ripe cantaloupe, this delicious blend will provide the palate with ultimate satisfaction.

Pink Punch Lemonade: Freshly squeezed pink lemonade. On the inhale taste the tangy wave of pink lemonade. It will tickle the tongue and dazzle your taste buds with its sweet and sour flavor profile. On exhale, the sweet side of lemonade will emerge and will give you a perfect end to this tasty sensation and perfectly balance this great flavor out. (Comes in an ICED version!)

Iced Pucker Punch: Pineapple, berries, citrus, and other tropical flavors will make your mouth water and the icy kick on the exhale makes every hit a refreshing one.

Red No. 1 (Watermelon Madness): The essence of luscious watermelons within a tall refreshing glass of tasty lemonade to create a solid nicotine salt vape.